AVcomm Developments Ltd.


This unit is for use in the construction of Permit aircraft to provide three electrical functions usually required to improve the safety monitoring of the aircraft's engine systems.

It provides :-

a)        A warning indication of the aircraft battery state and is set to give an alarm if the generator cannot maintain the battery voltage between the limits 12.5 to 15.9 volts. A low voltage is signified by a continuous red light and a high voltage by the light flashing.

b)        A warning indication when the starter motor is energised or is engaged and is being driven by the engine.

c)        A fuel flow warning. This can be energised in two ways depending on the sensor provided. For the
EUROPA and other low winged aircraft , a fuel pressure switch can provide a warning if the fuel pressure falls below 0.25 Bar. For the KITFOX and MT-O3 Gyrocopter, a fuel level switch provides an indication if the fuel level starts to drop to a low level.

The unit utilises 6 volt low current long life bulbs which are operated at constant brightness irrespective of battery state and should have an MTBF in excess of 20,000 Hours.


size 55mm * 42mm * 27mm + mounting lugs
weight 60 gms
operating voltage 8 - 24 volts 120 mA (all lamps on)
temp range -20 to +50 degrees celsius

issue 4 Aug 2009