AVcomm Developments Ltd.

Hand Portable Test Set Aircraft Navigation Receiver Test Kit

Comprises 4 units and is supplied in a rugged light weight case with carrying handle and measures 18" x 14"x 5" approx. Each Test unit has a die cast body weighing only a few ozs.

Brief Specifications

Marker Tester GL175 Equivalent to NATO No. 1OZZ/210449

VOR Tester GL180 Equivalent to NATO No. 1OZZ/210450

Localizer Tester GL190 Eqiuvalent to NATO No. 1OZZ/210451

Glide Slope Tester GL195 Equivalent to NATO No. 1OZZ/210452

* Frequencies quoted are in accordance with UK, C.A.A. recommendations. Alternative frequencies to meet special customer requirements can be provided.